Next generation Point of Sale infused with Cloud Technology. Conduct sales, manage customers & employees, maintain inventory and control many other aspects of a single or multiple retail stores in real time, from anywhere in the world.
Current Version:
  • Full Version Software*
  • Real-Time Remote access
  • Works with/without Internet
  • Single & Multi-store Capable
  • Automatic Updates
  • Fast, Friendly Support
  • Product/Service Tools. Securely access "real-time" data from any computer, easily track employee hours, sales, and inventory.
  • Sales Management. RetailPoint’s simple interface makes processing sales, returns, coupons, discounts, and gift card transactions a breeze.
  • Customer Profiles. Easily store detailed information and transactional history for each customer. Notify customers about upcoming sales or events.
  • Inventory Management. Automated inventory adjustments are made with every transaction. Generate Purchase Orders based on history or preset shelf levels.

Drop-Down Navigation

In just one or two clicks any of RetailPoint's advanced tools and features can be accessed via a convenient drop down menu system. Only features and tools allowed by the user's security level will be displayed.

Control Icons

Control Icons display current internet connection status and allow for one click sync control. Clicking the full page view icon places the point of sale software in full screen mode.

Quick Item/Receipt Search

Quickly find products or past sales receipts by scanning UPCs or typing partial product names, descriptions, UPCs, or alt look ups. An intuitive drop down will appear with a list of possible matches as you type.

Customer Information

Associate each transaction with a new or existing customer profile. Customers can be issued frequent buyer cards that can be scanned each visit. Customers can be easily looked up by first name, last name, phone number, or customer buyer cards.

New Sales Transaction

RetailPoint Point of Sale lists each item as it is scanned or selected. Information such as product name, quantities, price, and UPC is displayed. A total sale amount is displayed at the bottom of the screen to provide a running total of the current sale.

Remove Item(s)

One or multiple items can be quickly removed from the current sales transaction. Clicking the "Remove" button will remove any number of products that have been checked from the sales transaction.

Mark as Return

RetailPoint Point of sale allows retailers to accept returned items with or without a receipt. A strict store policy is recommended when handling returns. Simply check the box next to the item(s) being returned and click the "Mark As Return" button. An automatic inventory adjustment is recorded and the customer can be refunded their money.

Receipt Notes

Add special transaction specific notes to receipts when the need arises.

Quantity Adjust

Item quantities can be quickly adjusted up or down in single increments, or typed in for larger quantities, this can save considerable time by avoiding having to scan a large quantity of the same items.

Tax & Price Level

Adjust the pricing level and tax with holdings of all items in the current transaction.

Item Detail

Detailed product information can be easily accessed and/or adjusted right from the transaction screen. This can be especially useful when assisting prospective customers about a products details or related items.

Clear Sale

The "Clear Sale" button allows the user to completely clear the current transaction of any scanned products and/or discounts and start a fresh new transaction.

Hold Sale

The "Hold Sale" button allows non-completed sales transactions to be temporarily set aside, so other transactions can be completed. This allows retailers to keep the check out process moving and not be slowed down by a single transaction.

Apply Discounts

In addition to the controls that allow retailers to discount or adjust each individual item, this button allows discounts to be applied to the overall sale. A reason code drop down is provided to notate why a particular discount was applied to the transaction.

Payment Button

The payment button allows retailers to collect or refund the transaction amount. The transaction amount can in the form of, or any combination of the following payment types - cash, check, debit, credit, or gift card.

Quick Picks

This option opens a panel of customizable hot keys that can be configured for popular items or services. Category and sub-category fields allows you to organize and classify the hotkeys in a logical configuration.

  • Low Competitive Rates
  • Fast Set-up, Easy to Use
  • Process Credit Cards in Seconds
  • Create Gift Card Programs
  • Exceeds PCI/PA-DSS Compliance
  • Access Live Data via SmartPhone
  • Cloud based system protects data
  • Optional Ecommerce Website
  • Manage stores online in "real-time"
  • Employee Management. Security levels, secure logins, time clocks, comprehensive reporting, detailed employee profiles, and more.
  • Runs without Internet. RetailPoint Point of Sale software can conduct transactions during periods of no internet connectivity.
  • Cloud Computing. Never lose data because of hardware failures. Data is securely stored in RetailPoint's "cloud environment".
  • Stellar Support. Our support staff is knowledgeable and courteous and waiting to assist you in the setup of your point of sale and merchant service.

If you maintain inventory, sell products/services or handle returns, then RetailPoint® Point of Sale Software is just what you need.