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Inventory Management and Control

  • Item Look-up

    Find inventory items & services fast by typing portions of a name, description or UPC into our intuative search system.

    Items that best match the users search, populate a drop down box as the user types, often times just a few characters are needed to locate the inventory item.

    Once the inventory item is selected the user can view all information about that product or service that their selected security group will allow. With a sufficient security clearance, users can add or edit information such as product details, cost, or pricing for the item selected.

  • Add, Import and Edit Items

    Before inserting items into the system, it needs to be determined what level of detail your company wishes to store for each product. Although there are only a few required fields in order to insert an item, it is highly encouraged to include as much information about each product or service as possible.

    While inserting products, the data entered for each item will be shared across all stores within a multi-store environment, so each product only needs to be entered one time. In addition, the same product information that is entered into the POS system can also be displayed on an optional Ecommerce Storefront. The more robust the item detail is (detailed descriptions, pictures, proper categorization), the better the products on the ecommerce storefront website can be displayed. Even if your company does not plan to utilize the ecommerce storefront, giving employees access to detailed information about each product can be a powerful sales tool.

    RetailPoint software offers a couple different ways to insert item information into the system-- product import and manual entry.

  • Purchase Orders

    Generating purchase orders is quick and easy process using RetailPoint POS software. Items can be added to a new purchase order easily by scanning, flagging, searching, or manually entering. Advanced functionality can generate POs automatically or make suggestions based on vendor, stock levels, minimum stock settings, maximum stock levels, or recent sales activity. Print and mail new POs, or email directly to suppliers.

    Easily access previously generated POs to start new orders, or to start the receiving process when the order arrives.

  • Set Inventory Re-order Points

    Retailers can utilize the "Min Max" feature and functionality to help automate their ordering process. Two definable fields are used to help identify when it is time to order a product and how much to order of that product.

    Each item has a definable "Min"(minimum) field that is used to indicate how low a stock level should get before reordering that item. The minimum level can be determined by how many of that particular item sells in between ordering periods. The minimum level should be set high enough that the stock for that item does not run out.

    The "Max" (maximum) field is used to define the maximum inventory level for an item. This may be determined by few different factors such as shelf space, shelf life, how fast a product moves, item cost, or other factors. The "Max" amount is very useful in determining what quantities to place on product orders.

  • Receiving

    Easily receive items delivered from vendors, products can be scanned in, manually entered, or imported and received from a previously created Purchase Order.

    RetailPoint's intuitive features and functionality make the receiving process easy to manage. As soon as items are received within the system, all inventory levels are adjusted and live-time inventory data can be accessed from any store location in a multi-store environment.

  • Inventory Import/Export

    Ask us about having your existing inventory data imported into RetailPoint POS. During our BETA launch we will be accepting requests for Inventory Data Imports. Inventory data should be supplied in an MS EXCEL document. Free inventory import service will be supplied to paid accounts only and a limit of one request per account. For more information on Inventory and Customer importing contact us at 1-800-694-1826.

  • Print labels for items, shelf locations, mailers, and more.

    RetailPoint functionality allows retailers with POS label printers, to easily format and print pricing labels, of any size, for items and shelf locations. Tags and shelving stickers can be individually generated or batch generated from receiving vouchers, price change reports, POs, and more. Customer address labels can easily be generated for marketing campaigns or mailers.