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Employee Management and Control

  • Add Employees

    Quickly add users for one store or across multiple stores. First and Last name are the only required information fields. Additional fields are provided to record detailed information for each user. Employee ID pictures can be taken with a webcam or uploaded from a picture file. Access Pin or a security card swipe can be stored for quick logins and increased security.

    Store access settings allow users to be assigned to a single store or multiple store locations when applicable. Access levels can be used to assign users to preset or custom security groups, this controls the access that users have to different controls and reports within RetailPoint Point of Sale.

  • Employee Manager

    The employee manager allows quick access to each user profile. From the employee manager user profiles can be easily edited, or added to, by a manager or administrator. Information such as time clock entries, logins, and transactional history can be viewed, printed, or edited - quickly and easily.

  • Employee Access Levels

    RetailPoint's Permission Manager window allows retailers to give employees access to the information they need, while restricting access to critical data or functions.

    This easy to use panel features 3 configurable default security groups (admin, manager, and employee) and additional custom security groups can be easily added, as needed. Each user is assigned to a security group and only has access rights to a defined set of program features and data.

    User names are automatically stored with each transaction, giving the retailer complete tracking capabilities for accountability purposes.

  • Change Employee Password

    From the Change Employee Password window, users can easily change their existing access pin number.

    After opening the "change employee password" window, a current pin number or employee id card swipe will be required. After keying in a current pin number or swiping the id card, the pin number can easily be changed. Once the new pin number is typed in, it must be typed in a second time to confirm the password change. Employee swipe cards can be easily changed by a administrator/manager from the "edit employee" screen.

  • Clock In/Out

    This feature provides a quick and easy way for employees to enter their time entries throughout the workday. Any employee can clock in or out regardless of the user that is currently logged into the RetailPoint software. Employees simply select their name from a drop-down list. Once a name is selected the status of that employee is displayed. When clocking in or out each user will be required to enter their access pin or swipe their employee access card. Pin protection allows each employee to be accountable to their own clock times and helps prevent false time entries.

  • New Employee Time Entry

    The New Employee Time Entry allows users with sufficient security clearance to quickly add time entries for employees. This can be very useful in situations where employees may have forgotten to clock in/out or worked hours off premises where the time clock may not have been accessible.

  • Time Clock Manager

    RetailPoint Software features a Time Clock Manager which provides detailed time entry information and easy to use management tools. Administrators or managers with sufficient permissions can easily add, remove, or edit time entry errors for any store location. All adjustments are made live time across all stores. Detailed time entry reports can be generated with the click of a button. The "Active Users" button allows for viewing and management of "clocked in" users for a single store, or across all stores in a multi-store environment. This allows for simple management, anytime and from anywhere.

  • Manage Clocked-in Employees

    From the "Manage Clocked-in Employees" screen an overview is provided of all currently clocked-in employees. The store drop down box provides a quick way to toggle between stores for a "live-time" view and management of employees that are currently clocked-in. Easily clock employees out, adjust entries, or print reports.