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Faster, Safer Payment Processing

  • Process Credit Cards in seconds.

    RetailPoint’s integrated card processing technology allows you to process credit card transactions almost instantaneously. No more waiting on slow dial up peripheral systems. Faster transaction times help speed up the check out process and reduce or even eliminate customer wait times.

  • Create Custom Gift Card Programs

    Increase sales and profitability with RetailPoint Gift Card Service. Works like tradition gift certificates, only much better. People love to give these cards as gifts, which will help bring more customers to your store. Can be used just like a credit or debit card, and the unspent balance remains on the gift card. They can also be used when customers return items, use the cards as an in-store credit. Gift cards are a great way to increase profit margins and keep your customers coming back.

  • Process Debit Cards

    With a RetailPoint configured accessory pin pad and integrated card processing technology, RetailPoint POS software allows you to process debit card transactions almost instantaneously. No need to wait on a slow dial up peripheral terminal. Fast debit transactions will help reduce time spent at checkout.

  • Low Competitive Processing Rates

    RetailPoint provides merchants low competitive credit card processing fees and transaction rates, for any industry. Rates fluctuate based on the type of business, average ticket, sales volume, and the types of credit cards businesses want to accept. From businesses who primarily deal with card-present sales to businesses that are primarily online, signing up with RetailPoint will provide all the resources needed to accept various types of payment, and save money every day.

  • Customizable Quick Keys

    The "Quick Pick" mode allows users to program quick keys to use for their most popular items, services, product searches, or even RetailPoint software functions. Button names and colors are fully customizable. Multiple categories and subcategories can be set up for easy quick button organization. Drag and drop existing quick buttons into different subcategories as your categories and subcategories grow. This feature can be perfect for any service industry or stores with a few fast moving items. Makes check out fast and efficient, especially in situations where products or services do not have a scannable barcodes.

  • Touch Screen enabled for quick transactions.

    RetailPoint software is optimized for both touch screen POS monitors and traditional style monitors. Large onscreen buttons and controls allows for fast check out and management. On screen keyboards and number pads allows users to use a touch screen monitor with the RetailPoint software completely independent of a keyboard or mouse.