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Statistics and Reports

  • Live-time Reporting via internet/mobile devices

    The "Online Dashboard" is a live-time environment that provides access to all the sales, employee, and productivity information being generated by your store(s). This dashboard is easily accessible by internet enabled computers or mobile devices. A variety of reporting tools are available to view overall company status or easily drill down into individual store level productivity. Easily compare store location data in a multi-store environment, identify potential problems or sales trends as they are developing.

  • Sales Reporting

    With a selection of over twenty different sales reports, retailers can view or drill down any aspect of their business's sales performance. On each report, retailers can easily click right into the numbers reported, to view receipt level information. Various sales reports will help identify fast and slow moving items, common returns, departmental summaries, sales demographics, sales by vendor, date comparison reports, and much more.

    RetailPoint's reporting functionality allows retailers to easily customize each report to show only the information they require. Date ranges can be specified for reporting for any time period. Reports can be printed, saved, or exported to spread sheet documents. Easily set employee access controls to restrict or allow sales reporting functionality for different employee security levels.

  • X & Z Status Reports

    The X-out and Z-out reports provide up-to-the-minute accounting of all sales activities for the current sales period. The major difference between the two reports is that x-out report can be run anytime and the Z-out should only be generated at the end of the day when closing out the cash drawer.

    X-out reports is detailed report that can be run anytime of the day, as often as wanted. The report is a detailed summary of sales activities up to the time the report is run, broken down by transaction type including cash, credit, debit, refunds, and payouts.

    The Z-out (Zero Out) store close report is a complete detailed summary of the days sales activities, and returns all counts to zero after the report is run. The X-Out is typically run as part of the End-of-Day Process.

  • Inventory Reports

    RetailPoint's inventory reporting features and tools enable retailers to work with "live-time" data, anytime from anywhere. Retailers can view inventory levels by department, inventory valuations, generate replenishment lists by vendor - based on re-order points, and more. Other reporting includes inventory and cost adjustments, store transfers, and min max levels.

    With RetailPoint, retailers can easily customize each report to show only the information they require, and arrange data in the way they would like it displayed for any date range. Reports can be printed, saved, or exported to spread sheet documents.

  • Employee Reporting

    Employee reporting functionality allows retailers to easily generate detailed reports for employee hours, commissions, sales, and tips. These reports can be useful for payroll functions or evaluating employee performance. On each report, managers can easily click right into numbers reported, to view - time entry, sales transactional, or receipt level information.

    As with all reporting built into RetailPoint POS software, the reports can easily be customized to show only the specific fields desired and formatted for specific date ranges. Easily save customized reports, print, or export to excel.

  • Employee Hours

    With RetailPoint software most reports can be accessed and generated from any store location or from the "Online Dashboard". Employee hours reporting can be displayed in a variety of different customizable formats:

    Weekly Time Sheet

    The Weekly Time Sheet report shows total hours worked each day by each employee and total hours worked for the week by each employee, along with combined total hours for store location. Drop down options allows for quick selection of current week, previous week, or week before last.

    Time Clock Detail

    The Time Clock Detail report displays all time entries for a selected period of time. Information displayed includes employee name, clock-in date and time, clock-out date and time, and time elapsed between clock-in and clock-out. This can be a useful report for locating erroneous time entries generated by employees that have forgotten to clock-in or out.

    Time Clock Summary

    The Time Clock Summary report displays only total hours worked for each employee for a selected period of time or specific date range.

  • Customer Reporting

    Within the customer reporting panel, several different default reports can be found. These customizable reports can be useful tools for tracking customer sales history, reward history, customer lists, and demographic information that can be used when targeting locations for marketing campaigns. Additional reporting provides valuable insight on customer account information such as sales orders, work orders, deposits, or backorders.

    RetailPoint's reporting functionality allows any of the information displayed on the reports, to be clicked into to view more detailed information. Customized versions of each report can be saved, printed, or exported to excel.

  • Saved Custom Reports

    Any of RetailPoint's default reports can be easily customized. Data columns can be easily added, removed, or re-arranged. Filter controls allow retailers to generate reports on only the specific aspects of business they are focused on. Date ranges can be set for reports or for comparison reports.

    Each time a default report is customized, the user is given an option to save and name the new customized report that has been created. The "Saved Custom Reports" tab gives a place for retailers to access their previously saved customized reports.