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Single and Multi-Store Management

  • Manage multiple stores live-time from anywhere

    RetailPoint’s software utilizes cloud-server technology to securely store and access sales, employee, customer, and inventory data in a “real-time” environment. RetailPoint enables retailers to access and manage live and concise data about any of their stores, anytime and from anywhere.

  • Manage customer and sales information across multiple stores

    Virtually all information entered into the RetailPoint POS solution is globally accessible in "live-time". Any terminal or store location, associated with the retailers account, has access to new data as soon as the information is entered into any RetailPoint POS terminal. This allows all store locations in a multi-store environment to access a customer's account information and sales activity "live-time".

  • Live-time inventory management across multiple stores

    View or access "live-time" inventory data, for multiple stores, from any POS terminal or the Online Dashboard. RetailPoint's cloud-server platform enables companies to have secure, global, "live-time" access to all of their inventory data.

    In the event a terminal has temporarily lost internet connectivity, all transactions processed during the non-connected period will update instantly when the connection is re-established.

  • Inventory Transfers

    Easily move product between stores with RetailPoint's inventory transfer functionality. RetailPoint automatically adjusts inventory at both store locations when the physical transfer of items is to occur. Easily add any freight fees or comments right to the transfer slip. Product costs, freight fees, dates, and products are automatically adjusted and tracked between all store locations.