Software Updates

Ver. 0.9.100 Updates, Fixes & Additions

New Features in 0.9.100

  • Reporting Graphs (Quick Glance) ver. 0.9.100

    The reporting sections have been enhanced with quick view graphs. You can easily get a graphical representation of your store performance over configurable time periods.

  • Detailed Item Reporting ver. 0.9.100

    Additional configurable reporting modules have been added to the Item Reports section. Use intuitive filter controls to run item reports according to date range, or desired data points. Easily print or export detailed reports.

  • Expanded Reporting Within Sales, Payments & Customers ver. 0.9.100

    Additional report types have been added to each of the reporting sections. Easily customize any of these reports to display as much or as little detail as you would like to display. Print, or export each generated report.

  • Training Mode ver. 0.9.100

    RetailPoint software can now be put into training mode to allow retailers to easily train users, using live current data. Log in, conduct sales transactions, adjust inventory, and experiment with all software features, without making any permanent changes to your Live Cloud Data. To access the training mode navigate within the software to - HELP > TRAINING MODE

  • New & Improved Sales Screen Controls ver. 0.9.100

    New functionality has been added to the sales screen to allow retailers greater flexibility and control while conducting transactions.

    Simple controls allow for one click operations to clear receipt, place a receipt on hold, discount entire receipts, or adjust pricing and tax levels. Receipt Note feature has been added to allow users to attach notes to a specific transaction. Optionally the note can be printed on the receipt itself. New functionality allows users with sufficient access to easily switch between price levels or tax levels, while conducting a transaction.

  • Simpler Employee Access ver. 0.9.100

    Login screen has been adjusted to an easier to understand format. Also better illustrates that users can swipe their access card to login, if applicable.

  • Gift Card Support ver. 0.9.100

    Gift card functionality has been added to our software. Retailers that have subscribed to the RetailPoint's gift card program, are now able to sell gift cards for their store for any dollar amount. These gift cards hold whatever balance that is placed on them and work just like a credit card. Once the balance on the card has been used, the card will quit working until more money is added to the card (gift card transaction). Implementing a gift card refund only, to your return policy is a great way to recoup lost revenues from returned items.

  • Standalone Credit Card Terminal Support ver. 0.9.100

    An additional payment option has been added, that can be turned on for the checkout screen. This allows Retailers with Stand-alone credit card processing terminals, to track the credit/debit transactions for reporting. To turn on this option navigate within the software to - MANAGEMENT > System Setting > Settings Manager > Payment Types/Merchant Info

  • Access to Account Details, Companies, Stores & Devices ver. 0.9.100

    You can now easily manage your RetailPoint Account directly through your software. Manage your companies, locations, terminals, new, manage software keys, and payment methods. To access account controls, navigate within the software to - HELP > Account you will need to log in with the credentials you provided during sign-up.

  • Full Size Receipt Printing ver. 0.9.100

    Functionality has been added to allow full size receipt/invoices to be printed on full size printers. If no receipt printer is detected, the software will allow you to select an available full size printer.

  • Support For Different Size Receipt Widths ver. 0.9.100

    Receipt formatting has been added for all sizes of receipt printers. This functionality allows retailers to select the proper width of their receipt printing device and reduce formatting issues previously experienced caused by different width printers.

  • Improved Employee Manager ver. 0.9.100

    The employee manager has been enhanced with grid controls, export functionality, and report handling capabilities.

  • Payout Window ver. 0.9.100

    Payout functionality has been added to the software, to allow users with sufficient access, to withdraw money from the cash drawer for various store expenses. Any payouts conducted are recorded on the end of day reports, and payout reports can be generated from the reporting modules.

  • Multi Window's User Account Support ver. 0.9.100

    In this update, the way RetailPoint stores local data has been changed. This change now allows RetailPoint software to operate across multiple windows users/logins (on the same machine). Previously the software license was user specific on a windows machine.

  • Receipt History - Filtering Controls Added ver. 0.9.100

    Filtering functionality has been added to the receipt history panel, allowing users to easy narrow receipt history results by date, store, workstation, or employee. In addition, column totals are now listed at the bottom of the search grid.

  • Exporting Functionality Added to Reports ver. 0.9.100

    Export functionality has been added to most support types, this will allow you to export data in csv or tab delimited format which is easily opened in MS Excel.

  • X/Z Out Reporting - Terminal/Employee Filters Added ver. 0.9.100

    Additional filtering controls have been added to the X/Z Out end-of-day reporting. These controls will allow you to run reports based on employees or workstations.

  • Tallying Grid Totals Functionality ver. 0.9.100

    A totals bar has been added to select data grids within RetailPoint software. The totals can now be viewed at the bottom of any column that contains a calculable number. This functionality will be added to other grid within the next 2 updates.

  • Report Totals ver. 0.9.100

    A totals row has been added to all printed reports. The totals can now be viewed at the bottom of any column that contains a calculable number on any printed report

  • Report Date Ranges ver. 0.9.100

    Report date ranges now appear at the top of printed reports.

  • Hardware Peripherals Windows Driver Support Added ver. 0.9.100

    RetailPoint software now supports point of sale peripherals with windows drivers. Previously, OPOS drivers were required for various hardware peripherals. Some of the manufacturers OPOS drivers were buggy and did not operate optimally. With window driver support most peripherals will have automatic plug in and play support.

  • Additional Label Size ver. 0.9.100

    1.25" x 1.0 Label size is now supported for Zebra label printer LP2824

  • Software & Website Updates Page Website

    Keep informed of weekly features and fixes on our new Updates page. This page contains a list of the features and bug fixes that are released with each update. Each time an update is released your system will prompt you to download the latest version of your software. Be sure to download each release to take advantage of new functionality and features added weekly.

  • Smart Cash Buttons ver. 0.9.100

    Smart Cash buttons have been added to enhance the customer check out process for touch screen users. Buttons with logical payment increments appear on the payment screen, the increments are based upon the total cash amount to be collected. Buttons automatically adjust as items are added to the receipt or if multiple payment types are being used for the sales transaction. In most cases the cashier will only have to hit one button to process the sale and figure change amount.

  • Item Importing ver. 0.9.100

    Item import functionality has now been added! Easily import hundreds or even thousands of items, inventory counts, UPCs, and prices from previous point of sale systems, or import product lists that can be obtained by contacting your product suppliers.

    The import wizard allows you to easily group items, set default pricing, and edit your lists before importing. Our 2 part video tutorial on importing items can be viewed at

Updated & Enhanced in 0.9.100

  • Vendor Manager - Product List ver. 0.9.100

    A product list has been add to the Vendor Manger to easily see what products are listed under a selected vendor. Printing capablities have been added to print Purchase Orders and Receiving Voucher history as well.

  • Item Edit - Cost & Price ver. 0.9.100

    The input box for "cost" is now displayed infront of the "price" for more logical entry.

  • Payment Screen Enhacements ver. 0.9.100

    This window flows and responds to actions more naturally, then previous version. When removing an accepted amount the field for the payment type is now focused as expected.

  • Startup Initializer ver. 0.9.100

    You may notice a "Building Enviroment" loader when starting up your software, this is our new improved startup process that manages and makes sure everything is running smooth.

  • Faster Payment Screen ver. 0.9.100

    This screen has been reworked and fuctions more smoothly, friendlier & faster.

  • Multiple Payments of the Same Type ver. 0.9.100

    You can no charge multiple credit cards, debit cards, gift cards & checks for the same receipt.

  • Additional Label Size ver. 0.9.100

    1" x 2" Label & 2.20" x 0.50" Jewelry Label size is now supported for Zebra label printer

  • Enchanced Pin Pad Support ver. 0.9.100

    We reworked the way we communicate with the Verifone 1000SE for a better more reliable experience. We also added additional screens to let you know the system is wating for customer's pic.

  • Deactive/ Relocate Software ver. 0.9.100

    You can now very easily move software from one computer to another by simply deactiving the software & reinstalling on another computer. The "Deactive Software Key" button can be found under the "Help" Tab.

  • Delete Employess ver. 0.9.100

    A delete button has been added to the employee manager to easily remove employees from the system.

  • Grid Column Hide/Show ver. 0.9.100

    Functionality has been added to allow you hide or show additional columns depending on report type. These controls can be accessed by clicking the double down arrows on the right side of the column titles bar.

  • Grid Column Width Controls ver. 0.9.100

    Functionality has been added to allow for the adjustment of column widths by dragging column dividers in the column title bar.

  • Grid Column Sort Functionality ver. 0.9.100

    Sort functionality has been added to various data grids to allow for one click column sorting of data. To utilize the functionality click the up or down arrow in the selected column the data is to be sorted by.

  • Bar Code Scanner Functionality Improved ver. 0.9.100

    Improvements have been made to the bar code scanner functionality that allow for items to be scanned even when the cursor is not focused in the search box. Scanning an item with the scanner will automatically focus to the proper input box based on panel you are viewing when the item is scanned.

Bugs Fixed in 0.9.100

  • System Time Delay ver. 0.9.100

    Fixed issue where system time would get delayed after computer sleeps. Issue started after previous update.

  • Large Packet Cloud Error ver. 0.9.100

    Fixed issue where very large updates were failing.

  • ProgressBar Close ver. 0.9.100

    Fixed issue where progress bar would not close even though it was complete.

  • Debit Card Encryption Error ver. 0.9.100

    Fixed issue where some pin pads were returning encryption errors.

  • Credit Card Refunding (Intergrated Processing) ver. 0.9.100

    Fixed issue where refunding to credit card option was not being displayed.

  • Fixed Blank Column Issue ver. 0.9.100

    Fixed issue where the "sold" column was appearing blank in certain data grids.

  • Vendor Panel Grid ver. 0.9.100

    This fix addressed an issue with the Vendor Panel Grid not refreshing when changes were detected in the product and product option tables.

  • Sales Reporting - Returns vs. Sold ver. 0.9.100

    This fix addressed an issues within the Sales Reporting section not display sold correctly whne returns were present. Effected Reports were Vendor, Brands and Departments.

  • Label Printing - Quotes in title. ver. 0.9.100

    This fix addressed an issues with labels not printing that contain quotes.

  • Hardware Manager - Label Test Printing. ver. 0.9.100

    This fix addressed an issues with labels not printing to the selected size.

  • Software Internal Time. ver. 0.9.100

    This fix addressed an issues with clock not being correct after system sleeps.

Features Removed in 0.9.100

  • OPOS Driver Support ver. 0.9.100

    OPOS Driver support has been replaced with windows driver support. This is a vast improvement over the OPOS driver environment, it eliminates the need for downloading OPOS driver software and makes most point of sale peripherals plug-in and play.