Software Updates

Ver. 1.1.0 Updates, Fixes & Additions

New Features in 1.1.0

  • Receiving Paging/Column Sorting ver. 1.1.0

    Paging and Column sorting functionality has been added to the Receiving Manager, for improved usability when managing past receiving vouchers.

  • Print Labels From Saved Receiving Vouchers ver. 1.1.0

    Previously, once a receiving voucher was saved there was no easy way to print labels from it. Functionality has been added to be able to print product labels in the correct quantities from an previously saved receiving voucher.

Updated & Enhanced in 1.1.0

  • Description Field added - Label Designer ver. 1.1.0

    A portion of the description field can now be added to labels within the Label Designer. The character limit will vary depending on label and font size used. Currently test wrap for this field is not yet supported.

Bugs Fixed in 1.1.0

  • Printing Labels In Receiving Manager ver. 1.1.0

    Fixed issue where labels were not printing in the correct quantites from the receiving manager.

  • Printing large quantities of labels ver. 1.1.0

    Fixed issue where only a portion of a large quantity of labels were printing. Labels will now print for any number of items in any quantity.

  • Labels print in order shown ver. 1.1.0

    Labels will now print in the same order as selected with grid from item manager and receiving manager.

  • Custom Designed Labels - Label Designer ver. 1.1.0

    Fixed issue where newly designed labels were not selectable until software was restarted. Newly designed labels are now available for use as soon as saved within the software.

  • Department Manager - not displaying data ver. 1.1.0

    In some rare cases, products and department edit button was not displaying within the Department manager. This glitch has been identified and resolved.

  • Multi-Store Tax Location settings ver. 1.1.0

    Fixed a glitch that was affecting tax locations in multi-store environments. When the software was restarted the tax location would revert to the store#1 settings. This issue has been resolved.

  • Selecting Purchase Orders in Receiving Manager ver. 1.1.0

    In cases where stores had multiple open purchase orders, when going to receive in the Receiving Manager only the first open purchase order was accessible. Any open purchase order can now be selected and received from the receiving manager.

  • Purchase Orders - Multi-store Environment ver. 1.1.0

    In multi-store environments, all purchase orders were being displayed regardless of store location. This issue has been resolved, purchase orders now display based on the current store location you are in.