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In-store, online, or at a customers location, RetailPoint Merchant Services program streamlines the payment acceptance process to quickly and securely process credit cards, debit cards and speed up checkout times.

  • What is Retailpoint?

    RetailPoint’s simple but powerful interface allows retailers to manage virtually every aspect of their retail business, in store or remotely. Using the RetailPoint POS software solution, retailers can quickly and efficiently perform sales transactions, inventory management, add new products, receive products, track employee hours, order products, and more. RetailPoint utilizes cloud-server technology to securely store and access the client’s retail sales and inventory data in a “real-time” environment, allowing retailers to access live and concise data about any of their stores, anytime and from anywhere.

  • What are the benefits of using RetailPoint over other traditional types of POS systems?

    Most Point of Sale programs fall into one of two categories - software based or internet based.

    Software based POS solutions are currently the most used, but are fading fast. They have several disadvantages when compared to internet based POS technologies. Software solutions in a multi-location environment often require nightly data transfers to sync data between all or some of the locations. During the time between syncs, accurate or up to date information may be difficult to obtain from location to location. Software solutions, many times also require upgrades for new versions of their software, which can be inconvenient and frustrating for its users.

    Internet based solutions are quickly gaining in popularity because they address many of the inconveniences of their POS software counterparts. They do have a couple issues of their own to overcome. Internet based solutions are completely reliant on an internet connection, if a retailer loses internet for any reason their business stops until a connection can be restored. Performance of the internet POS solution can also be heavily reliant upon the internet connection speed.

    The RetailPoint solution is software, and can function during periods of time that an internet connection may not be available. It's unique construct provides the speed and performance of traditional software solutions, while offering the level of accessibility and real-time processing that a Internet solution provides.

    By combining both software and internet technologies, RetailPoint is able to offer a better retail management solution.

  • What is cloud technology?

    Cloud computing is changing how most companies do business and store their data. The term "cloud" basically means a grid of computers serving as a service oriented architecture to deliver software and data. It's structures like this that power sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon. Most websites or server based applications run on particular computers or servers. Cloud technology utilizes the resources from a grid of computers to perform as a single collective virtual super computer. The result is an extremely resilient, reliable, scalable platform in which to store and process a virtually limitless amount of data.

    Cloud computing, as it pertains to RetailPoint, provides a completely scalable, secure, and remotely accessible single platform in which to store and process your stores data. By processing information in this way, RetailPoint has several advantages over traditional types of POS systems-

    • Retailers no longer have to worry about computer crashes destroying their companies product and inventory data.
    • Additional stores can be set-up in minutes without huge imports of information to be uploaded.
    • Companies with hundreds or even thousands of stores can share "live-time" data.
    • Setting up the included ecommerce solution is quick and easy, it is able to feed directly from your product and inventory data already stored within the cloud solution.
    • Log in remotely from any computer connected to internet to view "live data" on how your stores are doing.
    • Because all processing and data storage takes place "live time" there are no hassles, with nightly data transfers or updates.


  • What are the minimum system requirements to use the software?

    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® III processor (Pentium 4 recommended)
    • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7. OS support includes 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
    • RAM: 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)


  • Does the software require an internet connection?

    For periods of time when there is no internet connection available, RetailPoint can perform sales activities such as- cash or check transactions, adding new customers, and transactional history searches. During these times, RetailPoint POS stores or retrieves the information from a local database and then transmits the data once an internet connection is re-established. Credit or Debit card transactions do require an internet connection.

    RetailPoint recommends a reliable high-speed internet connection. If your location has internet connectivity problems, a dial-up connection can be used as a backup.

  • What types of stores can RetailPoint be used for?

    RetailPoint can be used for virtually any type, and any size retail environment. We would recommend downloading the 30 day trial, to get a first-hand experience of whether RetailPoint will work with your store. New features and updates are constantly being added, so we appreciate recommendations or requests for features that may better accommodate your market or niche.

  • What happens when the 30 day trial expires?

    After the 30 day trial period, you will need to subscribe to the monthly service to continue using RetailPoint's proprietary software and services. Complete pricing information can be found at http://www.retailpoint.info/point-of-sale/pricing/.

  • How do I begin using RetailPoint?

    Sign up and download the 30-day trial full version software. Once the trial has expired you will be given the option to continue the subscription service. Before you can begin processing cards you will need to establish a merchant account(easy process) and upgrade to the subscription service.

  • How quickly can I have this up and running?

    The wonderful thing about RetailPoint is that you can have the most recent version installed and functional on your computer in just matter of minutes. Once the software is installed, you will be ready to add products and then make sales. All that is needed is an internet connection to install and a computer to run the program on. POS peripheral hardware is not required and can be added at anytime.

    To process credit and debit transactions you will need to setup an account with RetailPoint Merchant Services.

  • Can I import inventory data to your software?

    Yes, RetailPoint features an import tool that will allow you to import existing products, inventories, and customers. To use the import tool your data will need to be structured in a provided excel import template, which then can easily be uploaded into RetailPoint POS. Once the data is uploaded it will be instantly available to all your stores using the RetailPoint software.

  • Am I required to sign any long term commitments or contracts?

    No! There are no long term commitments or contracts required to use RetailPoint POS. You may discontinue service at anytime. In addition, tools are provided to easily export your product and customer information. We are confident RetailPoint POS Solution and service is the best retail solution available anywhere.

  • How do I start accepting credit and debit cards?

    In order to start processing cards you will need to establish an account with RetailPoint Merchant Services. Typically all that is involved in establishing your merchant accounts is a short application process. Once approved you will be able start processing cards immediately. For detailed information please visit: http://www.retailpoint.info/merchant-account/process-payments/.

  • Do I need to use RetailPoint Merchant Services to accept credit cards?

    Yes, in order to process card transactions using RetailPoint's Integrated Card Processing or RP Ecommerce Solutions, you are required to use RetailPoint Merchant Services. RP Merchant services is able to offer low competitive rates by leveraging discount rates obtained through the Integrated Payment Processing Program. By using a combined program we are able to keep the monthly subscription fees low and card processing rates competitive. Apply today at www.retailpoint.info/merchant-account/application/.

  • I already have a POS terminal and hardware, can I use it with your software?

    Yes, as long as it meets our minimum system requirements. Most POS peripherals will work with our software. If you run into the situation where you cannot get a peripheral you already have to work, please let us know.

  • What is an "ecommerce solution"?

    The term "ecommerce solution" refers to marketing website and associated programming that will allow you to sell your products online via shopping cart and card processing tools. The backend programming of the ecommerce site is actually seamlessly integrated into the backend of your companies RP POS solution. This will you allow you to manage your products in store and online with one program. Shipping maybe configured to ship from any or all of your store locations. The "RP Ecommerce solution" is currently included with your RetailPoint POS subscription at no extra charge. Website customizations or extra services may included extra fees.

  • Do you have any training programs available?

    The RetailPoint POS is one of the most intuitive easy to use POS programs available. We feature over 50 short video demonstrations on how to perform various functions on how to use the POS solution, the online user control panel, and ecommerce solution controls.

    If you are considering using RetailPoint, our video demos page would be a great place to get a preview of the features and functionality of our program - www.retailpoint.info/demos